Zodiac symbolWater-Bearer
DurationJanuary 20 – February 18
Zodiac elementAir
Zodiac qualityFixed
Sign rulerUranus, Saturn

Aquarius reveals great willingness towards others and the values ​​of friendship are distinctive in him. He is particularly creative, and for this reason, he is never happy or satisfied because as he achieves a goal, he must immediately look for another.

To give the best of himself he always needs to feel loved and to be respected. He is amiable and straightforward. Aquarius is in reality very determined and even obstinate, with a high opinion of himself, but does not pretend to impose his ideas on others. He is always very patient to a certain point. If he happens to lose patience, he can become a fury for everyone.

Often he is driven over the reasonable controls, which leads him to be touchy. If he considers himself deeply wounded, he can definitively close a relationship without thinking twice.

Indeed he falls in love only when, beyond passion and when the intellect is involved. Capable of profound and even lasting ties, as long as their spaces are respected.

Aquarius is very capable of remaining connected for a very long time with the partner he loves. In marriage, he isn’t very attracted that is from an official bond. He prefers cohabitation, and then he would want to feel free again.

Difficult to understand if and when those born under this sign betray their manage and continue living together without making the partner suffer.

When struck by jealousy, Aquarius will hardly prove it, but at least will prove to be very skilled investigators.