Zodiac symbolRam
DurationMarch 20 – April 20
Zodiac elementFire
Zodiac qualityCardinal
Sign rulerMars, Pluto

All Aries distinguish themselves under many character aspects. They tend to be very active, creative with some very good organizing skills and most of all they are courageous. Aries like to face difficult and even risky situations, where they can assert their capacity for initiative and command. If a situation remains static and quiet for too long, they’ll find a way to make it more stimulating. Somehow they seem to like complicating things in life.

Aries have a volcano of ideas. They can start many projects, but not all of them are taken to the end. Aries is on fire and almost unstoppable on whatever they undertake. They love competition and winning it is a must. Aries are exceptionally eclectic in their practical and cultural interests. Usually they are very impulsive and spontaneous, due to their frankness and they may seem rough and not very diplomatic.

Aires tendency is not to accept hypocrisy from anyone. A friendly relationship with Aries, set up on often deceptive education, is almost impossible. Aries are capable of outbursts, but with no harsh grudges. They’re rarely opportunistic but seem to try to get ahead in life. Aries are willing to be on their own than in companies that aren’t considered attractive or intelligent. Aries are very loyal. They don’t admit the “useless” lie. If they’re forced to lie, they will with an instant creative lie with the face of the absolute truth.

When it comes to work they seem to perform tirelessly. At work, they want to excel but don’t intend to receive public praise for what they do. They can get satisfied with the achievement of the goal they set themselves. Aries are always ready to throw their head down to the next one without hesitation. In career life, Aries can fall easily but mysteriously they’ll always rise again and start again from fifth gear.

In love, those born under this sign can also be faithful during a relationship. The mediocre, poorly stimulating and monotonous relationships, doesn’t last long. And Aries rather than to betray, leaves without regrets and starts elsewhere another suitable relationship. They need to receive and give constant attention in love. If Aries meet with the right partner, the union can last “forever.” At this point they’re ready to unleash all their creativity for this to happen, making the relationship always fresh and new, and never banal. The real and most important part of love for Aries is always to be free which they are ready to pay a very high price.