Cancer Zodiac Personality Briefly Explained


Zodiac symbolCrab
DurationJune 21 – July 22
Zodiac elementWater
Zodiac qualityCardinal
Sign rulerMoon
DetrimentSaturn, Uranus

Cancer is susceptible and anxious and is also very touchy because they always fear that others will make fun of them. They have deep feelings, especially towards family members. Their family, including that of origin, is the primary thought for them, even before their partner. Cancer is a little rational. The effective balance of Cancer is affected from the moods of the moment.

The true Cancer is very intuitive, sweet, mainly melancholy, with frequent changes in mood and character. Equipped with an extraordinary memory, is easy for them to accumulate excellent cultural baggage. He has some superb liking in the artistic field.

Cancer seduces easily but runs behind those who escape it. He manages to complicate his emotional life, while he is excellent and generous in unraveling the problems of others especially of friends. Facilitates interpersonal relationships, because it can understand and put others at ease.

Even at work, Cancer manifests its need for “home,” preferring small businesses, where not feeling a number, where it can offer all its attention and make its presence felt as something useful and enjoyable. Always hiding, however, it’s his weakness that he needs to learn to control. Another weakness is that they never cease to torment with a thousand recommendations.

As a child, it is just the pampering that is looking for, the continuous caresses especially of the mother, from whom he would never separate. Those born of the sign love the beautiful things of life and all the good that can offer a stable economic situation. To reach the goal, they are ready to show off all their skills in interpersonal relationships useful for this purpose. To come forward, they will never elbow but will ask, with education and smiling.