Zodiac symbolFish–Goat Hybrid
DurationDecember 21 – January 20
Zodiac elementEarth
Zodiac qualityCardinal
Sign rulerSaturn, Uranus

Capricorn is a great diplomat, very patient and determined to reach goals. They want to achieve the highest steps of the social ladder and to do so they know how to put in place their most suitable qualities. Responsible people and particularly very practical. They are polite, not impulsive, with a tendency to pessimism.

Capricorn has an excellent capacity of concentration which, together with his tenacity, will make them take proper steps in their career. They would have to overcome curves and obstacles if they wanted to arrive at-the finish line. Capricorn is ready to commit themselves to sacrifices to achieve results.

To Capricorn, a goal achieved must represent a conquest. They will hardly admit that they are in crisis and will not cry nor they will complain. Capricorn will not lose themselves in twists of words and conversation. They will not lose sight of any point if any tricky question raised.

More willing to celibacy than to marriage because of his privacy and his healthy selfishness,” Capricorn, even when his feelings are sincere and profound, cannot express tenderness and warmth. His strong pride does not help him to soften up. Capricorn is patient, but if he gets furious, he will undoubtedly have his good reasons and will become unmanageable.

In love, he wants certainties and materials, but he is ready to offer only if the partner has difficulty (momentary, hopefully). He is jealous and, in this field, his coldness and detachment are only apparent. If he gets angry with the lover, he won’t explode instead will forget it. Capricorn is an excellent lover. Their erotic fantasy can wear out in time and fashion. They will need a partner that can stimulate them.

They are ambitious and attentive parents and do not neglect anything because their children have the best and behave in the best way possible. In spite of their character, with their children, they can be tender and understanding, without useless emancipation.