Gemini | All About Their Behavior


Zodiac symbolTwins
DurationMay 21 – June 21
Zodiac elementAir
Zodiac qualityMutable
Sign rulerMercury
DetrimentJupiter, Neptune
ExaltationNorth Node
FallSouth Node

Gemini would like to know, do and have everything immediately. They're impatient, restless and curious, Very quick in reasoning. Everyone get astonished by their ability to do, almost simultaneously, many things. Just as their logic is impressive, able to hide their flaws and inevitable shortcomings. Their brain activity is so intense that they are easily affected by nervous disorders. If any idea overflows them, they cannot stop themselves from putting it into practice, without thinking about any negative consequences. They are very arrogant, but they often act out of the ordinary mind partly justifies this significant flaw.

Gemini can get cranky and nervous like a real volcano. They do not like bonds but need freedom and change. Gemini can give happiness but also torment to those who attend them, elusive and changeable character as they are. They are considered very superficial, an aspect determined by too many things in which they would like to try their hand in a very short time. Great distracted, and they can quickly lose patience to those who would like to follow a more linear and consistent logic.
Sometimes is better to avoid discussions with a Gemini. They will dominate the debate. They will display the best for oratory skills, aided by a brilliant intellect. An irritated Gemini, then, will no longer end up agreeing on every little thing. They will let go their anger and will quickly put the speaker to the table.

Difficult to meet a reserved or a resigned Gemini. They have a great gift which is the art of communication. It's their greatest weapon including the speed of thought. With both these weapons, they can beat a great enemy. Gemini is capable of catching everything moving around them. They seem to float without a pose in the air, real samples of perception. Their mind is a huge archive of information, but they manage it with great difficulty to elaborate and deepen. They often give an impression of superficiality, due, moreover, to their frenzied rush to know.

A typical characteristic of the sign consists in the difficulty of combining and balancing the emotional and rational parts, which tend to remain divided. Each one by alternately manifesting one's emotional or sensible domain. Only if and when a Gemini manages to launch and fix more bridges between the intellectual and the intuitive, both overbearing then it will become complete, being able to manifest and enhance their experiences with both the heart and the mind.

In the sentimental field, they're curious but prefer short stories. If they find a partner also a friend able to withstand their intrusive personality, they will prefer not to miss the opportunity, looking for a lasting relationship. Their excellent communication skills are not synonymous with relational skills, often misleading one another. They prove to be lovable only until the moment when their immense pride doesn't get beaten. Then they become sharp, and with a thousand rational expressions they will try to prove that they are right.

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