Zodiac symbolLion
DurationJuly 22 – August 23
Zodiac elementFire
Zodiac qualityFixed
Sign rulerSun
DetrimentUranus, Saturn

Expression and self-confidence, are the two main essential characteristics of Leo. However, apart of what he can prove himself is not only the positives. He tends to display also the negative feelings. The positive characteristics easily distinguished are his determination, his need to fight, his need to excel, to conquer, to organize and to lead with authority and inspire courage. On the other hand about his negative manifestation, Leo can reveal a real thirst for power, to become a hypocrite.

If his desire and preference to leadership don’t become supported by his charisma and his specific characteristics necessary to a true leader including kindness then only the hypothesis will remain which will the catalyst to increase his ego and make him feel like a crowned king.

Leo is a loyal and generous person who avoids weighing the defects of others, by demonstrating his “royalty”. Being fiery would instinctively react with anger. He has high aspirations, and his natural judgments can make him reach far. The particular aspect of his being Leo, however, is that whatever activity he is destined to play, even the simplest will always find the way to stand out from the rest with personal charisma, ability, tenacity, and good communication skills.

At work, he prefers to leave the less exciting aspects to others, perhaps after having organized the various phases himself. Being always ready, the Lion will face a new project, better if by the uncertain outcome, to be encouraged to give the best and to get the decisive goal with the sense of true conquest.

This great sign of the zodiac loves and loves a lot. He does not skimp words, gestures, gifts, all just to make his partner feel loved, adored and so lucky. Able to offer plenty of loyalty but if he’s betrayed, his pride will explode. But, if his kindness is particularly emphasized, as a true “great” he can also forgive.

Both Lions are excellent parents, affectionate, present and kind. Both will become their children’s teachers. If the children are successful in life, they will like it a lot. They will also recognize their merit on this great achievement.