Zodiac symbolBalance Scales
DurationSeptember 23 – October 23
Zodiac elementAir
Zodiac qualityCardinal
Sign rulerVenus

Libra is always torn between two opposing needs. The first is that of bringing out one’s ego and second is that of not being able to do without relationship and therefore acceptance of the other. The primary need of Libra is balance therefore he will always try to reconcile situations. This could make them to become unfriendly with most people. Libra is ready to see the two sides of a medal. He’s always looking for harmony in any aspect he can manifest. Anything from the clothes he wears, from the music he listens to, to a work of art he admires, to the pleasure of a harmonious interpersonal relationship and more.

He is born a mediator, a great diplomat, a respectful and judge of the rights of others, just as he wants to see his own respected. However, they’re always in great difficulty to make a choice. Sometimes the opposite opportunities would push him on one side rather than on the other. The reality of life does not allow frequent balances. Hence his constant indecision and apparent weakness becomes more evident.

Libra struggles to understand in depth the reality of everyday life which they need to see clearly. Wanting everything in perfect balance remains a utopia for which he manifests his unease in the form of coldness, detachment, and discontent.
Practical, casually up to the “hard face”, without prejudices and rather elastic morality.

Libra continually controls his feelings, giving others the impression of being very impersonal and cold.

Always wants to win and even if disguised by his calm and apparent condescension. He would never admit his obvious wrongs or at least to apologize. Tries to easily manages to make others do what he should do, lazy as he is.

Both sexes are elegant and refined. Libra loves to surround himself with comfort and luxury. Libra won’t hesitate to spend a lot for his own pleasure. He would like to live always surrounded by true friends, well cared for in every detail. He cannot stand a sloppy partner with a poor personal taste. The continuous search for the “body” comes to block emotions and feelings, which will turn out to be unconvincing and spontaneous.

Often, he is a great narcissists. His main concern is “communication”, in the sense of always having people around to talk with, or better to talk to and to be heard more than to listen, to receive more than to give.
Little he worries about marriage. Libra constantly thinks that the union of two people is a free choice of serene and joyous cohabitation for a mutual enrichment. Both can be good partners and good parents. He is available for comparison in case things get unbalances. He cannot stand the arguments. In order to become calm, he will stop and retreat, pretending not to hear and not to see, closing in his ivory tower, under the motto “don’t worry I’ll be fine”. To the point of becoming “great absentees” in emotional relationships and participation in matters that are also important for the correct evolution of the whole family unit.

Libra is unbeatable in the organization and in the efficient practical management of the family. He can be a good friend but he will always evaluate the pros and cons at the moment to “give” something. He will never be carried away by emotion.