Zodiac symbolFish
DurationFebruary 18 – March 20
Zodiac elementWater
Zodiac qualityMutable
Sign rulerNeptune Jupiter

The Pisces are emotional, sensitive, intuitive, easily influenced, vulnerable and unable to plan and follow a precise direction of behavior. Those born under this sign are full of energies, but with some difficulty, Pisces can manage it correctly. They are always afraid of the consequences of their decisions. They are easily harmed, precisely because of their contradictory and changeable character, incapable of self-defense and self-knowledge.

All Pisces love journeys, changes and to do things differently and differences, of course, is the symbol of their sign. Pisces tend to have an active imagination. They try to avoid the harsh reality of life by flying with their imagination in unreal worlds which others can’t imagine. Frequent ill humor turns into a flash in euphoria.

Affectionate, capable of great impulses, ready to help without thinking, because they trust everyone especially true friends. Great lovers and they very much appreciated because before their pleasure they worry about their partner. The degree of Pisces romanticism is so high that they often delude themselves. It may be a feeling of love for a person. But sometimes it is only the temporary idealization of the person himself.

If the Fish forms a couple, it will be with serious intentions, and they convinced that it would last for a long time. Instead, it is often unfaithful, more the boys than the girls. Pisces is very capable of following two stories simultaneously and for a long time, without the partner noticing any difference.