Zodiac symbolArcher
DurationNovember 22 – December 21
Zodiac elementFire
Zodiac qualityMutable
Sign rulerJupiter
ExaltationSouth Node, Chiron
FallNorth Node, Ceres

Sagittarius sign tends to be honest, optimistic, lively, impulsive and extremely active. Usually, he seems to show a rebel’s attitude but is very intuitive and also a bit shallow. He can be a sincere and affectionate friend, but perhaps not too trustworthy because he never has time and quickly disappears from his fellowship. Very often he gets attracted by continuous new interests, from which nothing and no one could divert him. For friends and relatives, he is a little bit unstable and not very careful. In short, he is a friend of many words rather than of facts.

However, he is known for his extraordinary ability to give his friends wise advice. He believes in the future and does not worry too much about the present. Very opportunist indeed as he doesn’t hesitate to choose friends that will prove useful.

Sagittarius is an excellent traveler in both senses, real and metaphorical. Sagittarius can travel anywhere anytime and is always on the move, and therefore also he is an outstanding sportsman. He’s in desperate need of the “new and different” and creates complications in his life leading him to change partners easily. He does not hesitate to contract more marriages, convinced that the one of the moment will be the good and definitive one. Equally easily he remains single again. Sagittarius tends to be emotional, sensual but poorly erotic, ready to enjoy all the healthy pleasures of life.

Sagittarius needs to be loved, accepted and above all admired. He is an excellent speaker and often talks too much to known and unknown people, making him quite unbearable. Sagittarius is a lousy listener, arrogant and self-centered. He has a very active mind but is just as distracted and unable to concentrate for too long.

Sagittarius does not like discipline and while at work he seeks independence. If he can not access a profession that allows him to travel, he must at least be able to wander with his mind. Routine work is not for Sagittarius but can give excellent results in activities. As a parent, Sagittarius is an excellent companion, a friend, confidant and gives his best for better. He is joyful and full of life with his children.