Zodiac symbolScorpion, Eagle, Phoenix
DurationOctober 23 – November 22
Zodiac elementWater
Zodiac qualityFixed
Sign rulerMars, Pluto

Scorpion is full of resources, sincere and serious. He is slightly authoritarian, capable of discovering the weakness of others. He doesn’t excel tact, and when he is evident that he has offended someone, he falls from the clouds. Scorpio is possessive, without ever wanting to admit it, capable of intense emotions, of which only the negative ones externalize more easily.

He is known for the traits of being active, energetic, perspicacious, passionate, with intense sexuality, the Scorpion appears to be the most beautiful sign of the zodiac. With great pride and much presumption, he wants to live their life independently of everything and everyone. He doesn’t like to be asked for and doesn’t want advice from anyone.

Most notable negative characteristics of Scorpio are extremism, arrogance above all verbal. He is unable to keep quiet and tends towards forms of brutality. Scorpio has good, great values too. Scorpio doesn’t neglect anything that can be done to overcome itself. He cannot stand people considered unintelligent. He has a compelling sense of humor, mainly aimed at the desecration of cliches. Love the risk and ready to pay in person for poorly thought out choices.

The passionate Scorpio falls in love with high emotions. Tendentiously jealous, ready for the scenes, with prompt reconciliation. When he raise their voice is better to stay away from them. In reality, the Scorpio are very fragile. He needs affection and reassurance, as well as peace and serenity. However, he often uses aggressiveness and psychological superiority over those around them.

He always fears others are attacking him. Because of the fear of being attacked, Scorpio will eventually strike first. He thinks that the attack is the best way of defending themselves. He would always like to be able to dominate the mind of those who he loves. Scorpio possesses excellent magnetism, and if he decides to conquer someone, he will succeed very well.

On the contrary, to win a Scorpion would be a difficult challenge. He is very selective with his friends. Not everyone can be his friend, but if he has decided to make someone his friend, he would be a perfect friend.

At work, he is well values. He likes the feeling of being valued. It has more to do with the appreciation others have about his work skills. No one wants to challenge him because he can do anything at any level, for his abilities and his will. He must succeed over others. Scorpio has no pretensions to luxury. He likes to face challenges to achieve his goals.

Scorpio can be a good educator of his children, but it will not waste time telling stories. Scorpio will teach his children to avoid any signs of weaknesses. He will place his children before the reality of life and will demand from them courage.