Taurus symbolBull
Taurus DatesApril 20 – May 21
Zodiac elementEarth
Zodiac qualityFixed
Sign rulerVenus
DetrimentPluto, Mars

The most notable characteristics of Taurus are stubbornness and possessiveness. Other distinctive traits are their slow thinking and taking action but the assimilated thoughts shouldn’t get ignored. Their patience and tenacity lead them to reach their goals which sometimes are too difficult for other signs to reach. If the circumstances are unfavorable, they’ll not take any risks. Taureans can wait as long as it takes, slowly, waiting for the favorable situation then they’d take appropriate actions. Those born under this sign perfectly match with the saying “Slowly but surely.” Taurus don’t like changes instead prefer to keep things as they are. They want security, stability, and prove to be reliable people.

When a friend is in serious difficulty, Taurus will think hard before opening their wallet, although they usually seem to appear generous with wise advice. Their friends are selected one by one with the intention to secure credible friendship. Only a few but good could be his friends. Taurus friends who value Taurus for their wealth don’t last long.

Taurus are more sensual than sentimental. They’re loyal and sympathetic and cannot stand gossips. Of course, Taurus have few weaknesses. They’re lazy, arrogant because they’re incapable of self-criticism. Taureans know how to give love, but they can become jealous and possessive with those they love. They consider the loved ones as an object of untouchable property. When Taurus fall in love they try to make it last forever only when they think they have found the right partner.

They love all that is beautiful, and that can make their life more pleasant because one of their primary needs is to live life happy. Even their aspirations reflect their calmness. Taurus dream is to have a beautiful family with many children, and with a strong economic security. They’d make sure to have enough savings that would ensure a safe future. They adore a lovely comfortable house but not necessarily luxurious. Taureans have a particular spontaneous skill and flair to save money, but they’re not greed nevertheless. Their relationship with money could be called selfishness because they do their best to secure their future best they can.

Taureans are good workers and always calm to carry out and complete a job. They prefer to take all the time necessary to do it properly. The Taurus don’t run blindly instead they will fight to get a good career. The great calm of the Taurus don’t exclude the swift passage to a blind, irrational aggressiveness that presents a furious and destructive aspect, if not adequately controlled.