Zodiac symbolVirgin
DurationAugust 23 – September 23
Zodiac elementEarth
Zodiac qualityMutable
Sign rulerMercury
DetrimentJupiter, Neptune

Truly Virgo is the sign of intelligence above average, with a strong critical sense however sometimes it’s too excessive. Very analytical, he studies every problem with calm therefore his precision is easily mistaken for fussiness. He has to accomplish the tasks with responsibility, always delivers to the end with the maximum of his remarkable abilities and precision.

Those born of this sign love respect the decent and just rules. Virgo is seen with respect for his accomplishments. Everyone is convinced as they are in total freedom of their individual action which is actually synonymous with chaos.

In the effective field, the sign deals with the relationship based on their brain, scarcely romantic and passionate but not jealous, generally loyal but do not betray Virgo otherwise expect a volcanic eruption full of fury. They are considered rather insensitive and sexually chilly. In reality, he exercises only excessive control over emotions. He would like precision even in the emotional field. If someone manages to shake this stubborn wall, this sign will become a pleasant surprise for the partner.

Virgin doesn’t have too much confidence in himself. He is too hypercritical and does not excuse himself for his own faults. Open and acute mind, attracts with the depth of his thought and the fluency of language at work. This is done especially in the case of good cultural effects. He does not like worldliness, he always seeks intelligent interpersonal relationships. In a relationship of couple, one is only concerned with building a solid and concrete future. His sexual attraction for a partner is conditioned by the mental esteem he has for the same.

Both are good parents, attentive, available, ready to make sacrifices. They do not suffocate the children, to whom the individual personalities and the spaces necessary for a healthy psycho-physical development are recognized.

In friendship, they’re not greedy to have many. According to Virgo the few the better. Of course, he doesn’t jump headlong to anyone’s neck to deepen in kisses and hugs. Instead he is a true and precious friend to have, for better or for worse. And whoever becomes, Virgo’s friend, that someone has really found a priceless treasure.